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WordPress and Chicken Flesh

Posted: 23.06.2009 at 23:48.
Last Updated: 23.06.2009 at 15:46.
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my wordpress storyHow I get to know WordPress?

Since I was a lower secondary school student, I love everything about internet, website and web design. Fortunately, in the year 2004 there are many upper secondary schools that provide Multimedia Department. One of them was in my town Tangerang, Indonesia.

I prefer web designing to programming. So each time the school gave a project, I always became the web designer while my friend was the programmer. I often searched some tutorials I wanted in the search engine as the additional knowledge about web designing. The searching result generally pointed to the blogs of web designers all over the world.

When I found the WordPress blog of web designers, I really amazed to the appearance. I wonder and repeatedly asked in my thoughts about, how come a web designer that mostly works with graphics software enables to make a blog with complicated programming scripts inside? Their blogs were very interactive. There were some features such as comments form, polling, article archives, and also searching form. To make those all features, of course the great skill in programming about PHP, AJAX, and MySQL are totally needed.

In that time I only knew a little about WordPress. The only one I knew that the is a website of blogging service but I never knew that WordPress also provides CMS WordPress packaging that can be freely downloaded and used in the self-hosting.

Then in the middle of year 2007, after I got some information from a blog of Indonesian online businessman then I firstly installed WordPress to my local PC with the WAMP webserver.

Why WordPress?

I have two reasons of why I prefer WordPress to other CMS. It is because the WordPress is user-friendly and generally used. I used WordPress since the version 2.1. The theme designs of WordPress are very easy to be made and modified. With my basic skills I got from school, I just needed some adaptation to make theme design of my own design.

With the supports from programmers all over the world, WordPress becomes an amazing blog platform. The WordPress plug-in it is easier to add many interesting features in my blog as what I need. The costs to pay WordPress hosting are also much cheaper because it just needs Linux server that can run PHP and MySQL.

It has been more than 2 years that I fall in love with WordPress. All of my blogs run on the WordPress platform. Why I am so loyal with WordPress? It is because for me wordpress is as nice as chicken flesh :) Yeah, I am not just kidding. A single chicken flesh can be cooked to be kinds of delicious meals such as fried chicken, chicken soup, roasted chicken and many more.

It is also about wordpress, as the chicken flesh that can be made to become kinds of delicious meals, it can become anything that you need. With the right theme design and plug-in, you can change WordPress to be personal blog, business blog, company profile, online store and many kinds of other websites.

WordPress and Chicken Flesh

My Blogging Story with WordPress

Since I was a student of upper secondary school in year 2005, I always write articles in one of Information Technology press media in Indonesia. Yes, I love writing especially about Information Technology such as tips & trick, Internet and tutorials.

Since year 2005 till the beginning of year 2008 I became a freelance writer of the press media. The salaries I got I used to pay my school fee. Recently, my articles are often rejected by the redaction. For the example is from the 10 articles I sent, only 2 accepted. Most of my articles are just thrown to their computer recycle bin. To express my hobby of writing, in March 2008 I made a decision to make a blog with information technology and games as topic.

In March 31 2008, I bought domain and hosting for my first WordPress blog, The money was come from the result of my first Google AdSense searching check. In the 1st of April, I uploaded my first CMS WordPress with wordpress themes that I made by myself. The design was very simple.

I published all of my articles that weren’t published in the tabloid in the blog. The result is so surprising. In fact, there are many people look for everything I write all this time, and also the articles that I wrote in year 2005! Now, there are more than 1400 visitors in each day and more than 2000 readers of feed + email reader that read my writings everyday.

The way of my blogging is not easy. One big challenge in the beginning of my blogging was the internet connection expenses. The internet connection expense in Indonesia is quite expensive. So I often use Blog Post Feature in the Microsoft Office Word 2007. I used the internet through GPRS connection with mobile phone as the modem. I seldom uploaded pictures or even replied the visitors’ comments in the articles I wrote because the limit of my internet connection. I got such condition for about 4 months.

Today I have had an unlimited internet connection in my home. I pay the internet expenses with the income I get from the online money making, from the advertisements appear in the blog. Recently I got kinds of awards from some media such as the award of “Blog of the Week” in the Indonesian national press media SINDO newspaper (November 2008). My blog also belongs to the 11 Best Weblog Indonesian The Bobs version (2008)  and becomes the first winner of Kompas MuDa – IM3 Website Design Competition (February 2009).

All of the awards will not be gotten if I didn’t use WordPress. WordPress makes my writing ability increasingly developed. I am nothing without WordPress.

Thank you WordPress, thank you Matt Mullenweg, thank you for all plug-in programmers and themes designer, and thank you WpWebHost sinchan licik yess

My WordPress Story Contest

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I win! Thanks WPWEBHOST.. here is the news.

komentar pembaca DHINATACOM

  1. beni says:

    That you have a bad story with wordpress, as proudly or another mistake and how you can solve it. I just try wordpress a little bit time, over 3 months ago.. since I launcing my blog.. I prefer with your opinion to chose wordpress for CMS with powerful and user friendly.
    Salam kenal bro..Sukses terus ya.. jangan segan untuk posting artikel yang sangat bermanfaat buat blogger, terutama blogger pemula seperti saya.

  2. Mario says:

    Well you are doing a great website, i just see that has install new themes. Good luck for you and keep writing.

  3. Septian says:

    Wanna say..I vote 4 r da man…good luck bro Dhinata yess

  4. Wow… keren Mas Yoki ahli banyak bidang ya…

  5. iklan says:

    semoga Indonesia terbaik mas… bravo Indonesia yess

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  7. Ade says:

    selamat yaa..!!

  8. Noice says:

    Selamat berjuang Indonesiaku dan Selamat ulang tahun Indonesia Raya. “16-08-2009”

  9. congratulation for your winning at WP contest

  10. kontes di wpwebhost ya..semoga menang yo .. mimpi

  11. Avtolubitil says:

    А автомобильный по тематике блог никто не подскажет.

  12. jeffSPD says:

    oce dech…Selamat ya…moga tambah sukses

  13. JacksEscag says:

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